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Read Online: Jis Tan Lagya Ishq Kamal

Jis Tan Lagya Ishq Kamal

Jis Tan Lagya Ishq Kamal

Jis Tan Lagya Ishq Kamal is a Book of collection of 5 Novellas and Novelettes written by Ushna Kausar SardarArray Writer of FictionArray Social ConflictsArray Script & Screen Play Writer and also an Independent Filmmaker. Following 5 Novellas are included in this book: First story of the book Jis Tan Lagya Ishq Kamal is a Triangular Love Story of ReemArray Soban and Lily. Reem and Soban were already married when Lily enters in their life and changes everything. Second Story Ankhon Ke Par Chand is also Triangular Love Story with marvellous lessons regarding patience love respect trust open heartness and sincerity. The story is about strong decision making man AyanArray his first wife sincere girl Maha and Hindu Girl Puja who converts to Islam mainly because of her love for AyanArray but partially in search of placidity. Third Story Umran Langian Pabhan Bhar is on a serious social issue of children of prostitutes. Lead Character MuabArray is daughter of a prostitute but wants to leave this life and seeks for a respectable peaceful life. Her granny tells her there is no such thing like respect and honour for a woman of her classArray apparently she is right cos Muab never got what she was looking. Fourth Story Me Apay Payan KundianArray is on the very sensitive issue of Child Abuse. Affaf Faridon Khan got orphan when her mom died of cancerArray her uncle took her in custody but later tried to abuse her and sent her in mental hospital under false allegations of Psyche Patient. Fifth Story Mere Violin Ke Taron Me is also Triangular Love Story with One Male and Two FemalesArray with a topic that how sometimes we let go our love of life just for the sake and pleasure of other family members we love. Ushna Kausar SardarArrays first four Urdu Books Aye Shama Ko-e-JanaArray Afsoon e JaanArray Aik Junoon Khawab TarabArray Jis Tan Lagya Ishq Kamal were published by Al Quraish Publications. Her first four English Books The Skin Of My TeethArray DogArrays BreakfastArray The AppleArrays Dark Curves & Monocular Depth Cues were self-published in (2009-2011) and are available from LuluArray USA online store. She has written collaboration writings with the Artists and Writers from abroad. One book ArrayThe Spoken LightArray was a collaboration book with Neil Johnson (2008-USA). She also has written collaboration writings with Keith Williams & Christopher Higgins. (2008 & 2011-USA). She also has directed two short films One of them sent to The Cannes International Film Festival. Ushna Kausar Sardar has also written one Telefilm called ArrayMain Mohabbat Aur TumArray on aired on ARY Ditgial TV in 2007.

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