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Read Online: Devta Part 1

Devta Part 1

Devta Part 1

Devta is a serialized fantasy thriller novel written in the Urdu language by Mohiuddin Nawab. It was published monthly for 33 years in the Pakistani magazine Suspense Digest from 1977 to 2010. Devta is the fictional autobiography of Farhad Ali TaimoorArray a man who gained amazing telepathic powers.

The author Mohiuddin NawabArray a well-known social story writer of PakistanArray has written more than 500 storiesArray both short stories and novel-lengthArray mostly published in Suspense DigestArray a monthly magazine published in Karachi and available in PakistanArray IndiaArray and various parts of the world where Urdu is spoken. He has also written screenplays for film and television.

Devta is one of the longest continuously-published stories on record. It was started in FebruaryArray 1977 and appeared every month in Suspense DigestArray with its concluding chapter published in January 2010.

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